A Smarter Approach to Network Security

Illuria's fully automated solution detects and sandboxes incoming attacks before they ever reach your servers. Our analysis tools utilize machine learning technology to make sure the same attack never happens twice.

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One Fully Automated, Distributed System


The orchestrator, automates the detection of emerging attacks by identifying attack patterns, by memorizing previously provided attack/forensics data


A remotely accessible, fully integrated user interface, with configurable preferences


Illuria API replaces manual input with an automated one, thus eliminating human error

  • Detection

    Detect malicious or anomalous incomming threats long before they reach the outer layers of your system.

  • Deception

    Sandbox those threats within a controlled environment.

  • Analysis

    Observe and analyze the attackers while fully preserving sensitive data.


An attack is inevitable, but our purpose is not realizing how to prevent an attack, it's finding out how to benefit from it.

Playing hide and seek

Deploying decoys in the server waiting for the attacker to dive in.

Welcome home

When the attacker enters the server, he is automatically redirected to the decoy files where he takes his freedom to manipulate with all of the provided data.

The observer

While the attacker takes his time to crack open the decoy files, he is being carefully observed step by step.


The API analyzes, collects and stores all the attack and forensic data.

Incident response

Once the data is collected and analyzed, the API generates a configured and automated response, hence eliminating human error.

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