Observability is Meaningless Without Actionable Tools


Observe and identify suspicious behaviors and anomalies long before exploitation.


Mitigate and isolate attacks within a controlled environment while keeping attackers in the dark.


Contain threats and collect valuable attack data while automating incident response.


HyperJails are like “containers”, but better.
  • Native security instrumentation built-in
  • Faster and lighter than the “containers” you know and love
  • Fully-isolated, proprietary “container” technology
  • Easily configurable high-interaction sensors-as-code built-in
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Warden manages HyperJails, so you don’t have to.
  • Distributed HyperJail orchestrator & scheduler
  • Coordinates response and alert cycles for teams organizations
  • Integrates with external APIs for automated response
  • Command, Deploy, Control + SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)
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illuria - From Cyber Complexcity to Simplicity

illuria Security’s technology detects emergent attacks with its advanced and proprietary deception technology. Our platform has the ability to cover and contextualize security, threat detection, threat intelligence, and threat response at all layers of your stack. And it does all of this from a single control plane.

The system empowers security organizations to take automated and/or quick action, in order to increase the speed and agility of incident-response maneuvers. We provide fully customizable deception grids which can operate automatically, or manually. Implementation can be done on-premises or within cloud infrastructures.

One Step Ahead of the Attacker

Methodologies are rapidly shifting in the cybersecurity industry - it is no longer enough to simply block attackers. Increasingly sophisticated information systems demand increasingly sophisticated security measures. The next phase in security is not only to prevent cyber attacks but to prepare, respond, and remediate in one decision cycle.

Unified visibility

Detect and trace attacks at the network, systems, and application layers seamlessly.

Deception Technology

Create deceiving environments by deploying decoys and lures. Warden enforeces the policies and the deception strategy.

Stealth Tracing

Trace everything happening in your systems in stealth mode without malicious attackers ever knowing.

Automated Incident Response

Reduce time-to-detection and time-to-response cycles through simple, inuitive, and declarative automation.


Save time and money by bringing DevOps and Security Operations (DevOps and SecOps) together.

Deep & real-time forensics

illuria’s stealth tracing technology allows you to report and analayze real time produced data at every layer.